Things you should know about Zune 30 troubleshooting

Microsoft’s Zune 30 is a portable media player that allows you to store media files like music, pictures, videos, etc. It has 30 GB hard disk. You can sync it with any other device or server. You can download songs from Zune Marketplace. It has 64 MB RAM and flashes memory of 2 MB. You can store about 100 hours of video in it. No wonder it’s a wonderful device. However, customers have complained about some issues related to the device.

On December 31, 2008, all Zune 30s froze due to a driver issue of the third party Freescale. The program was written in such a way that it will self-execute on the last day as it was a leap year. You may experience such absurd problem again; however, after you buy Zune 30 you may also encounter small problems that can be solved. Here are the things you should know about Zune 30 troubleshooting.

Software issues

Most of the problems of Zune 30 are related to software. So, before doing any hardware repairs, you should try to see if there is any software-related problem. You can resolve these problems in the following ways.


You should restart your Zune player. Restarting Zune often solves the problem. You should make sure that before you restart the hold switch is disengaged.


You should update the Zune software. If there are any bugs, they will be fixed this way. You should ensure that you have the latest version of the software installed on your computer by going to the Settings menu and clicking the ‘Check for Updates’ tab. You should then use a USB cable to connect your Zune player to the computer. When you run the Zune software, it will look for the new version automatically.

Resync files

If you are having a problem playing synced songs, then you should first erase the files and then resync it. Before you do so make sure you have backups ready.

Restore Zune

This will delete the content and the software. Then try to install everything again. Before doing so make a backup of all your important files.

Problem with battery

Your Zune may not turn on if there is a problem with the battery. The battery can drain. If you plug Zune into an AC adapter and it turns on, then you know that there is a problem with the battery.

There may be other hardware related problems like cracked display, bad logic board, bad button pad, etc. The hardware itself may be faulty for which you may be unable to play songs. In such case, you should take your Zune player to a professional to fix the problem.