Steps for setting up Zune wireless sync in Windows Server 2003

The Zune software lets you sync your music, pictures, videos, etc. from your Windows Phone 7, Windows Server 2003 or other servers to Zune player wirelessly. Before syncing you should make sure that your phone or Zune device has the latest software updates. It is very easy to set up wireless sync. After you set it up, your device will automatically sync new music, pictures, or videos. If you want to do a wireless sync with Windows Server 2003, then here are the steps you should take.

  1. You must first enable UpnP services on your server. You can read relevant guides online to help you do the installations. You must read the instructions carefully in order to avoid any mistake.
  2. The next step is to install the Zune software. You should simply get the files from your setup package and then run packageZune-x86.msi from these files. You can use WinRAR to extract the files. There are many sites that can help you in installing the Zune software.
  3. The driver files are automatically supposed to get downloaded. In case they don’t, you will have to install it manually. You should get the driver files from Zune-x86.msi that you extracted. You can use ‘Universal Extractor’ or any other program to do the job. You need to install Zune Bus Root Bus Enumerator. The Srvinstw.exe tool in Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit can help you install it. After installing it, you need to go to the Services submenu under the Administrative Tools tab of the Control Panel to start the Zune Bus Enumerator Service that you have just created. You should ensure that all the services are running properly.
  4. When you try to sync wirelessly, you will get ‘Add Hardware’ message. You should select the automatic installation option. The Zune software will then open.
  5. If things are not working, that means you must have missed some necessary files. So, try to go through the process you have just completed and find out what you have missed. You can use the Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool to find out files that are missing.

Syncing the Zune software wirelessly on your Windows2003 Server is quite simple. All you need to do is follow these steps properly. You should read the instructions on the Zune software carefully so that you don’t make any mistake while syncing it with your server. If you face any problem, there are lots of blogs that can help you.…

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