Things you should know about the unofficial spot Zune ‘Music is Life’

Zune has entered the MP3 market fully geared. They have released new models with amazing features in order to compete with the existing MP3 brands in the market. An emotional advertisement was created on Zune recently with the tagline ‘Music is Life’. This advertisement has become very popular. The advertisement was not created by Zune manufacturers. It was done by a third party as an assignment to show their creative skills. That’s why it’s called ‘unofficial’. Here are some of the things you should know about this beautiful commercial.

  1. The director of the commercial as Stewart Hendler and he teamed up with Human Worldwide to produce the commercial. He also produced the soundtrack of this advertisement.
  2. In this 30-second spec spot, an African-American young boy was seen walking on the street and listening to music from Zune player. Suddenly he sees a dead bird lying on the street. He places his earphones gently on the bird’s heart and the bird flies away. You see the writings ‘Music Is Life’ and then ‘Zune is Music’.
  3. The music of this commercial has a haunting, but bitter-sweet feel that goes well with the scene of the bird’s resurrection. It makes the advertisement memorable. The music is such that anyone would like it to have it preloaded in their Zune player so that they can listen to it over again. The music was composed using guitar, piano, violin, and drums.
  4. The visuals of the commercial were stunning and you will be surprised to know that an affordable video camera was used to shoot the sequences.
  5. This beautiful advertisement was created within one day with a team of seven people only. The effort of the team is really appreciable.

Zune manufacturers should take ideas from this advertisement. This type of emotional advertisement will be able to attract lots of audiences. The advertisement was captivating and memorable. It can create a great brand image. This type of advertisement can increase sales and more people will prefer buying Zune player instead of the other MP3 players in the market.

This type of advertisements can help you to beat your competitors in the market. This type of innovative ideas will set the brand apart from the rest and encourage people to buy the product. So, before making a commercial, Zune marketing team should brainstorm in order to come up with such brilliant ideas.…

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