5 Reasons you should still buy an MP3 player today

Smartphones are very prevalent today. Most people have the latest smartphones in their hands. The functionalities of smartphones are endless. You can call, text messages, browse the Internet, send emails, take pictures, listen to music, watch movies, play games, and more. In the past, people used to buy MP3 players in order to listen to music. Nowadays, you can listen to music using your Smartphone, no matter if you hire a luxury car from a place like http://www.apexluxurycarhire.com/car-rental-locations/usa/los-angeles/ or just drive around in a cheap used vehicle. However, just like cameras in the smartphone cannot replace the DSLR cameras, the music system in Smartphone cannot also replace the MP3 players. You still need a dedicated audio player for the following reasons.

They are smaller in size

While the Smartphones are getting bigger nowadays, the MP3 players are getting smaller. They are light and thin, so easy to carry around in your pocket even when you travel.

They are cheap

Smartphones with high-quality music system can be expensive. The storage can also be limited, so you won’t be able to store many songs. MP3 players are cheaper and you can store lots of songs in it.

A better option for exercising

When people exercise, they tend to listen to music. If you use your smartphone then there is a risk of it falling and breaking. Smartphones are expensive and you will also worry whether it will fall or not while exercising. You won’t have to worry about it in case of MP3 players. Some of these players have a clip that can help you to attach it to your cloth, like iPod shuffle. This reduces the risk of damage.

Have a good battery life

MP3 players have more battery life than the smartphone. Also, the battery of your smartphone will be drained if you listen to too many music. So, having a dedicated MP3 player is a better choice.

Easy to use

There are just a few buttons on the MP3 players. You can easily select your music, replay it or search other music with the press of a few buttons.

Better quality music

A dedicated device like the MP3 player will give you better quality music when you rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai. It will have top-notch sound quality. So, if you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the music, you should buy an MP3 player.

You can get different types of MP3 players in the market including iPod, Zune player, etc. These MP3 players have a slot for SD card, so you can store more music. The latest MP3 players have other interesting features, like wireless options. So, if you are a music lover, you must buy an MP3 player.…

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Things you should know about the unofficial spot Zune ‘Music is Life’

Zune has entered the MP3 market fully geared. They have released new models with amazing features in order to compete with the existing MP3 brands in the market. An emotional advertisement was created on Zune recently with the tagline ‘Music is Life’. This advertisement has become very popular. The advertisement was not created by Zune manufacturers. It was done by a third party as an assignment to show their creative skills. That’s why it’s called ‘unofficial’. Here are some of the things you should know about this beautiful commercial.

  1. The director of the commercial as Stewart Hendler and he teamed up with Human Worldwide to produce the commercial. He also produced the soundtrack of this advertisement.
  2. In this 30-second spec spot, an African-American young boy was seen walking on the street and listening to music from Zune player. Suddenly he sees a dead bird lying on the street. He places his earphones gently on the bird’s heart and the bird flies away. You see the writings ‘Music Is Life’ and then ‘Zune is Music’.
  3. The music of this commercial has a haunting, but bitter-sweet feel that goes well with the scene of the bird’s resurrection. It makes the advertisement memorable. The music is such that anyone would like it to have it preloaded in their Zune player so that they can listen to it over again. The music was composed using guitar, piano, violin, and drums.
  4. The visuals of the commercial were stunning and you will be surprised to know that an affordable video camera was used to shoot the sequences.
  5. This beautiful advertisement was created within one day with a team of seven people only. The effort of the team is really appreciable.

Zune manufacturers should take ideas from this advertisement. This type of emotional advertisement will be able to attract lots of audiences. The advertisement was captivating and memorable. It can create a great brand image. This type of advertisement can increase sales and more people will prefer buying Zune player instead of the other MP3 players in the market.

This type of advertisements can help you to beat your competitors in the market. This type of innovative ideas will set the brand apart from the rest and encourage people to buy the product. So, before making a commercial, Zune marketing team should brainstorm in order to come up with such brilliant ideas.…

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Microsoft Zune Review: First month with Microsoft Zune

Zune player is here to compete in the MP3 market. The new models of Zune have been released and these devices show some incredible features. Here we are going to give you a review of Microsoft Zune.

Zune Pad

The Zune Pad has a touch-sensitive button that makes navigation easier. With the only flick of your thumb, you will be able to scroll through your lists of songs and videos. You can also use the physical cues if you are uncomfortable using the touch-sensitive button.

Wireless sync

You get the wireless sync option that lets you automatically sync over the home wireless network. This way people will have their contents with them in their Zune player before they leave their home. You can sync with Windows 2003 Server or any other server.

Wireless sharing

You can share songs, pictures, and videos with your friends who also have Zune. There is no time limitation and you can share lots of contents with other Zune users.

Recorded TV content

With this device, you can import broadcast content and watch it while traveling. This way you won’t miss out your favorite program on the TV.

Preloaded content

Zune player has lots of preloaded contents. So, you can enjoy music and videos for free also without the need to download anything. With these contents, you may discover your favorite songs and videos.

Online community

The online community ‘Zune Social’ has been launched. The members use a Zune card where their music and video choices are automatically stored. Through this community, they can share their likings and dislikings. If another person likes what you are listening to then they can get a link to the Zune Marketplace to buy the song. You can create a friends list, send messages, links to songs, etc. to others in the community.

Zune Marketplace

It is the store where you can get millions of songs. You can buy lots of songs from here. You can also get many free audio and video podcasts. If you subscribe to the Zune Pass, you will be able to download unlimited content for a flat fee of $14.99.


You get lots of accessories with the new devices. These include Zune Home AV Pack, Zune Dock Pack, Zune Car Pack, Zune Premium Headphones, etc.

Zune player is now available in various models, colors, and sizes. These devices have FM tuner and built-in wireless features. The display is bright and you get new menus with the various models. It’s a great device and you should definitely buy one.…

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How can you use Zune as an external hard disk?

Zune is a popular name in the MP3 player market today. Different models of Zune have been released. You can store pictures, play music and watch movies using this player. However, you cannot use it as an external hard drive like other players right after taking it out from the box. But the good news is that it is possible to use it as an external hard disk by using some simple steps.

All you need to do is edit your registry so that Zune can work as a hard drive. You need to complete the following steps in order to edit your registry.

  1. First of all, you need to create a restore point. If you want to do it in Windows XP, you need to go to Accessories from All Programs and then click on the System Restore menu. For Windows 7 you need to select the System Tools.
  2. You should close any software in your Zune player and disconnect it from the computer.
  3. For editing your registry you need to press the start button and click on Run. Then type ‘regedit’. Once the Registry Editor window opens you should navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet001\Enum\USBB\’. When you right click on the USB folder, you need to select ‘Find’. You will find the value of EnableLegacySuppor and you should choose a value between 0 and 1.
  4. You should then open ‘PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell’ and change the value from 1 to 0.
  5. You should open ‘ShowinShell’ and change the value from 0 to 1. You are done now. You can exit your Registry folder and start using it as a hard disk.

If you are not using your Zune player to play music or watch movies, you can utilize it as an external hard disk instead of keeping it idle. If you follow the steps just mentioned, you will be able to use your Zune player as an external hard disk without any trouble. Many people cannot follow these steps properly and so lose their files in doing so. It can also result in system malfunction.

So, before you edit your registry, make sure that you have backups of all your files. You must remember that it’s necessary to run your Zune software every time you use the device as an external hard disk. Otherwise, you might get an error message. Just follow the steps mentioned and you will be able to use your Zune player for multiple purposes.…

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Things you should know about Zune 30 troubleshooting

Microsoft’s Zune 30 is a portable media player that allows you to store media files like music, pictures, videos, etc. It has 30 GB hard disk. You can sync it with any other device or server. You can download songs from Zune Marketplace. It has 64 MB RAM and flashes memory of 2 MB. You can store about 100 hours of video in it. No wonder it’s a wonderful device. However, customers have complained about some issues related to the device.

On December 31, 2008, all Zune 30s froze due to a driver issue of the third party Freescale. The program was written in such a way that it will self-execute on the last day as it was a leap year. You may experience such absurd problem again; however, after you buy Zune 30 you may also encounter small problems that can be solved. Here are the things you should know about Zune 30 troubleshooting.

Software issues

Most of the problems of Zune 30 are related to software. So, before doing any hardware repairs, you should try to see if there is any software-related problem. You can resolve these problems in the following ways.


You should restart your Zune player. Restarting Zune often solves the problem. You should make sure that before you restart the hold switch is disengaged.


You should update the Zune software. If there are any bugs, they will be fixed this way. You should ensure that you have the latest version of the software installed on your computer by going to the Settings menu and clicking the ‘Check for Updates’ tab. You should then use a USB cable to connect your Zune player to the computer. When you run the Zune software, it will look for the new version automatically.

Resync files

If you are having a problem playing synced songs, then you should first erase the files and then resync it. Before you do so make sure you have backups ready.

Restore Zune

This will delete the content and the software. Then try to install everything again. Before doing so make a backup of all your important files.

Problem with battery

Your Zune may not turn on if there is a problem with the battery. The battery can drain. If you plug Zune into an AC adapter and it turns on, then you know that there is a problem with the battery.

There may be other hardware related problems like cracked display, bad logic board, bad button pad, etc. The hardware itself may be faulty for which you may be unable to play songs. In such case, you should take your Zune player to a professional to fix the problem.…

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Steps for setting up Zune wireless sync in Windows Server 2003

The Zune software lets you sync your music, pictures, videos, etc. from your Windows Phone 7, Windows Server 2003 or other servers to Zune player wirelessly. Before syncing you should make sure that your phone or Zune device has the latest software updates. It is very easy to set up wireless sync. After you set it up, your device will automatically sync new music, pictures, or videos. If you want to do a wireless sync with Windows Server 2003, then here are the steps you should take.

  1. You must first enable UpnP services on your server. You can read relevant guides online to help you do the installations. You must read the instructions carefully in order to avoid any mistake.
  2. The next step is to install the Zune software. You should simply get the files from your setup package and then run packageZune-x86.msi from these files. You can use WinRAR to extract the files. There are many sites that can help you in installing the Zune software.
  3. The driver files are automatically supposed to get downloaded. In case they don’t, you will have to install it manually. You should get the driver files from Zune-x86.msi that you extracted. You can use ‘Universal Extractor’ or any other program to do the job. You need to install Zune Bus Root Bus Enumerator. The Srvinstw.exe tool in Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit can help you install it. After installing it, you need to go to the Services submenu under the Administrative Tools tab of the Control Panel to start the Zune Bus Enumerator Service that you have just created. You should ensure that all the services are running properly.
  4. When you try to sync wirelessly, you will get ‘Add Hardware’ message. You should select the automatic installation option. The Zune software will then open.
  5. If things are not working, that means you must have missed some necessary files. So, try to go through the process you have just completed and find out what you have missed. You can use the Zune Device Sync Diagnostic Tool to find out files that are missing.

Syncing the Zune software wirelessly on your Windows2003 Server is quite simple. All you need to do is follow these steps properly. You should read the instructions on the Zune software carefully so that you don’t make any mistake while syncing it with your server. If you face any problem, there are lots of blogs that can help you.…

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