Microsoft Zune Review: First month with Microsoft Zune

Zune player is here to compete in the MP3 market. The new models of Zune have been released and these devices show some incredible features. Here we are going to give you a review of Microsoft Zune.

Zune Pad

The Zune Pad has a touch-sensitive button that makes navigation easier. With the only flick of your thumb, you will be able to scroll through your lists of songs and videos. You can also use the physical cues if you are uncomfortable using the touch-sensitive button.

Wireless sync

You get the wireless sync option that lets you automatically sync over the home wireless network. This way people will have their contents with them in their Zune player before they leave their home. You can sync with Windows 2003 Server or any other server.

Wireless sharing

You can share songs, pictures, and videos with your friends who also have Zune. There is no time limitation and you can share lots of contents with other Zune users.

Recorded TV content

With this device, you can import broadcast content and watch it while traveling. This way you won’t miss out your favorite program on the TV.

Preloaded content

Zune player has lots of preloaded contents. So, you can enjoy music and videos for free also without the need to download anything. With these contents, you may discover your favorite songs and videos.

Online community

The online community ‘Zune Social’ has been launched. The members use a Zune card where their music and video choices are automatically stored. Through this community, they can share their likings and dislikings. If another person likes what you are listening to then they can get a link to the Zune Marketplace to buy the song. You can create a friends list, send messages, links to songs, etc. to others in the community.

Zune Marketplace

It is the store where you can get millions of songs. You can buy lots of songs from here. You can also get many free audio and video podcasts. If you subscribe to the Zune Pass, you will be able to download unlimited content for a flat fee of $14.99.


You get lots of accessories with the new devices. These include Zune Home AV Pack, Zune Dock Pack, Zune Car Pack, Zune Premium Headphones, etc.

Zune player is now available in various models, colors, and sizes. These devices have FM tuner and built-in wireless features. The display is bright and you get new menus with the various models. It’s a great device and you should definitely buy one.